Nursery Packages and Fees

Half and Full Day Nursery

With our Full Day nursery provision, children will maximise their immersion in English and Chinese, acquiring both languages equally in a natural and stimulating process, while having fun and developing their skills and interests.

Holiday Camps

If your nursery is closed during holidays or you're staying in London for a few months, our Holiday Camps can provide you with short term programmes in our bilingual nursery provision, delivering the same fun and educational activities we always do.

Ad Hoc Care

We understand that finding arrangements for childcare can be taxing. If your nanny has called in sick or you need time to get some of your admin done, give us a call for ad hoc nursery care of last minute nature.

We want to be completely transparent with you.

Our fee card includes all the costs involved in our processes so there's no surprises.

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